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Parque Zona Franca Navarrete’s Integrated Facility Management services provide an eco-friendly environment by making a place run smoother, saving money, and improving things for the people using the place. It includes lots of different tasks like keeping the place clean, fixing things when they break, transportation, and managing the Water Treatment Plant to ensure everything works well and facilitate the smooth operation and expansion of industries. For the production, distribution, and sale of goods and services, it is crucial. It consists of the following:


This refers to all the transportation infrastructure including roads, trains, ports, and airports that is used to move people, goods, and merchandise. For any company to succeed both domestically and internationally, timely product delivery is critical and can be achieved more affordably with effective transportation.

Energy supply

Gas and electricity are two sources of power that industries depend on continuously to conduct their operations. This covers every power plant, cable, and pipe that supplies electricity to businesses and factories.

Water and Waste

In addition to managing their waste appropriately to maintain a clean environment and adhere to regulations, factories require clean water for many of their operations.

Telecoms and IT

Businesses today depend heavily on technology and communication networks, such as the internet and data centers, to handle information, communicate with one another, and run their operations.

Industrial Parks and Zones

These are designated spaces where companies can open for business. They provide shared services, such as transportation, storage, and basic utilities, frequently with added benefits to draw in businesses. This promotes industry and fosters commercial relationships.

Research and Development (R&D):

Developing new ideas and refining existing goods and procedures are essential to being competitive. Similar to labs and innovation hubs, R&D centers are the hubs for all the ideation and experimentation that keeps industries at the forefront of their respective fields.

Health and Safety Supervision:

It creates a safe working environment for both employees and guests, controls risks, and guaranteeing adherence to health and safety regulations for reducing possible risks at work in order to avoid mishaps, injuries, and health problems, and to promote a culture of safety and wellbeing. visit our Twitter for more update regarding Available Space.

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