Location Advantage of PIZFN

PIZFN is located in Navarrete, Dominican Republic

The northwest of the island presents particular advantages due to its industrial clusters ranging from plastics, textiles, tobacco, and the growing green energy sector.

The park has over 26 years in operation and has over 1.5 million sq feet of industrial space constructed.

Unlike traditional industrial parks, PIZFN places a strong emphasis on family values, creating a unique environment that supports both industrial growth and social welfare. This location advantage not only situates the park as a key industrial area but also as a hub for innovation and job creation, aiming to bring huge employment opportunities and enhanced technological advancements in the Dominican Republic.

Another Location Advantage is that this industrial park transcends the traditional model by intertwining family values with various economic growth, ensuring a balanced approach to development. Through its commitment to nurturing a unique ecosystem, PIZFN not only propels technological advancements but also cultivates a nurturing environment for families, setting a new standard for industrial parks globally.

A different type of home for Industry. In development communities, we constructed an industrial park that promotes family values and builds upon ingenuity and hard work to deliver employment and technology to our country.

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